The customer acknowledges having read and understood the general conditions and the confidentiality policy before validating his booking request.

The following terms and conditions apply to any booking request made on through the booking form or by e-mail.

  1. The customer is the person on whose behalf the booking request is made.
  2. The customer confirms that all data transmitted during the booking request are correct. Missing and/or incorrect data communicated by the customer may result in the cancellation of the reservation. In this case, the operator may not be held liable for the consequences suffered by the customer.
  3. The rates published on this website and the prices obtained during the booking request or communicated by e-mail include VAT (6%).
  4. This website does not have an online payment system. The amount indicated on the booking and any extra charges will be paid to the driver on the day of pick-up, in cash or by bank card. A proof of payment will be sent by e-mail at the request of the customer.
  5. Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL): Parking fees are not included in the rates published on this website and the price indicated at the time of booking request or communicated by e-mail. An extra between 3 and 10€ must be paid to the driver at the drop-off or pick-up regardless of the car park concerned.
  6. Travel in France: The toll charges are not included in the rates published on this website and the price indicated at the time of booking request. An extra that includes the driver’s return trip will be charged to the customer upon payment of the transport service.
  7. A deposit or the entire amount indicated on the booking can be requested in advance. The corresponding amount must be received by bank transfer to the account BE85377078508706 at the latest 48 hours before the pick-up. In case of cancellation, the refund fee is 100% of the amount that has already been paid up to 24 hours before the pick-up time, 50% from 24 to 12 hours, 25% from 12 to 4 hours and 0% less than 4 hours.
  8. What happens if the customer books a transport service and does not use it without taking care to cancel it beforehand? In this case, 100% of the amount indicated on the booking, the waiting time of € 0,65/min and any parking costs will be claimed as compensation.
  9. The operator commits to make all possible efforts to ensure that the customer is handled in accordance with the information provided at the time of booking.
  10. For pick-up at a fixed address other than an airport or train station, the customer is asked to be ready at the agreed time. An additional charge of €16 per ½ hour started will be requested for any waiting longer than 15 minutes.
  11. For airport and train station pick-up, waiting time is included in the price set on the booking, as long as it does not exceed 1 hour from the plane or train arrival. An extra of 16 € per ½ hour will be charged to the client if the waiting time is more than 1 hour.
  12. The customer must allow for events or situations outside of the operator‘s control which may occur during the journey. Examples: unexpected vehicle problems, heavy traffic due to roadworks/an accident, diversion due to road closure, adverse weather conditions, etc. In order to avoid potential problems, the operator recommends that the customer allow plenty of time when choosing their pick-up time.
  13. The operator cannot be held responsible if a journey cannot be made because of a case of force majeure, because of events or situations which are out of their control, unusual or unforeseeable, or if the inability to make a journey is, in all or in part, the result of customer behaviour, omission or negligence.
  14. Passengers agree to respect the vehicle used to transport them, as well as its various facilities.
  15. Passengers must check that they have their personal belongings and that their luggage has been loaded before vehicle departure / unloaded after arrival at the destination. Passengers are advised to leave nothing in the vehicle. The operator cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of personal possessions.
  16. The driver is free to choose his route whatever the destination.
  17. A stop of maximum 15 minutes can be made on request for any journey longer than 200 Km. It is up to the driver to choose the location of this stop.
  18. Eating, smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted in the vehicles.
  19. Each Passenger is allowed to bring one standard sized bag and one piece of hand luggage with them. For larger items, please mention this or contact us when making your booking.
  20. Seat belts must be worn throughout the whole journey in order to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  21. Baby seats, child seats and booster seats are available to the customer free of charge, and must be requested when booking.

Dispute between the customer and the operator

The present general conditions are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes arising within the framework of the general conditions will be dealt with by the competent tribunal corresponding to the operator.

Particular care has been taken with the translation of these general conditions into the various languages offered on However, it is the French language version which will serve as a reference in the event of a dispute.

Operator details:

Operator Name: Mr Pascal Rary | Head Office: 6032 Charleroi – Belgium | GSM: +32470283145 | E-mail: | VAT Number: BE0664485830 | Passenger transport service authorised by: SPW-Wallonia Mobility | Operating licences: TC507 / LVC562

Updated on November 4, 2021 – Version 2.2